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Her merry vitality,” García Márquez writes, “... ” Remedios’ brightness is infectious. Because of his child-wife, Aureliano strikes up a friendship with his father-in-law, the magistrate Don Apolinar Moscote, consolidating Moscote’s authority and allowing policemen to patrol the streets. Meanwhile, Macondo’s new priest, Father Nicanor Reyna, entertains the town with his ability to float in the air while 44 holding cups of hot chocolate. He dreams of converting all of Macondo’s inhabitants, and also of building the biggest church in the world.

In a moment of remorse, Amaranta burns her hand. She wears a black gauze bandage to cover the scar; but when the scar is healed and Pietro Crespi is long forgotten, the bandage will stay wrapped around her wrist as a symbol of the perpetual loneliness that will follow her to the grave. In the meantime, the town of Macondo falls to the Conservatives. ” on his lips. He leaves behind the legacy of a political bully, a pregnant mistress with twins to raise, and no one to much miss him except Pilar Ternera, the mother he never knew he had.

The conflict between the Conservatives (of whom Aureliano’s father-in-law, Don Moscote, is one representative) and the Liberals has intensified. Liberals are pro–civil unions and for the legitimization of illegitimate children. The Conservatives, on the other hand, are against anything that is not sanctioned by the Church. Both sides itch for war. In part because of his loyalty to his father-in-law, Aureliano’s allegiances are undecided—that is until Aureliano sees Moscote tamper with the local election ballots.

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