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By Paola Sica

Futurist girls broadens present debates on Futurism and literary experiences via demonstrating the increasing worldwide impression of girls Futurist artists and writers within the interval succeeding the 1st global battle. This research at the beginning specializes in the neighborhood: the making of the self within the paintings via the ladies who have been affiliated with the magazine L'Italia futurista in the course of global conflict I in Florence. yet then it broadens its box of inquiry to the worldwide. It compares the achievements of those ladies with these of key precursors and fans. It additionally conceives those women's paintings as an ongoing discussion with modern political and clinical traits in Europe and North the USA, particularly first wave feminism, eugenics, naturism and esotericism. ultimately, it examines the important value and repercussions of those women's principles in present debates on gender and the posthuman situation. This ground-breaking research will turn out worthy for all students and upper-level scholars of recent ecu literature, Futurism, and gender reviews.

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Men and women are invited to achieve a status of super-humanity in which they will no longer be restrained by affective bonds, nor be affected by pain. Love will be a temporary whim, aimed at guaranteeing repeated seduction, copulation and the strengthening of the race. The rhetoric of excess justifies impulsivity, aggressive action, self-sufficiency and an erasure of diversity in the name of “divine modernity,” which 36 Futurist Women is set in perpetual motion by humans empowered by machines.

August 26, 1917), he asserts that a female’s mind will never change, as “troppa profonda impronta d’inferiorità ha ricevuta fin dalla creazione” (“it received a far too deep imprint of inferiority since [its] creation”). In the second letter, “Come si seducono le donne: Per Enif Robert, parolibera futurista” (L’Italia futurista, November 4, 1917), he repeats what such other men as Möbius and Papini had said before, without reflecting on the social causes leading to results: women are limited, and this can be deduced from the fact that, unlike men, they have never won enduring fame.

Rosà compares men with superior women characterized by stronger individualities. By doing so, she accepts an androcentric perspective and fuses it with an elitist vision). In Weininger’s opinion, beings that are wholly female have only an unconscious life. They cannot recognize geniuses, who are exceptional male individuals with the most highly developed conscious life (91). Absolute female beings know neither logical nor moral imperatives. They do not understand the real meaning of law and duty.

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