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By Katsunari Okamoto

Basics of Optical Waveguides is a vital source for any researcher, expert or pupil excited about optics and communications engineering. Any reader attracted to designing or actively operating with optical units should have a company grab of the rules of lightwave propagation. Katsunari Okamoto has offered this hard expertise basically and concisely with a number of illustrations and equations. Read more...

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38 Planar Optical Waveguides 'R bd I J Cope I -a ..... _ • ns Ridge waveguide. The wave equation for the Epq mode is given by Eq. 40) as o~I4y o~I4y Ox2 t- Oy2 + [k2n2(x, y) - p2]Hy = O. 83) The basic assumption of the effective index method is that the electromagnetic field can be expressed, with the separation of variables, as Hy (x, y) = X(x) Y(y). 84) Therefore if the assumption of separation of variables are not accurate, due to the waveguide structure or the wavelength of light, the accuracy of the method itself becomes very poor.

4 . 2 m-w M r. 1 11"6 00 1 2 3 4. 9 Dispersioncurves of TE and TM modes in the slab waveguide. 10 Rectangular Waveguides 27 modes. It is known that the normalized propagation constant b for the TM mode is smaller than that for the TE mode with respect to the same v. That means the TE mode is slightly better confined in the core than the TM mode. The power carried by the TM mode is obtained, from Eqs. 30) by p= f3 f_ ~1-~lHy 12dx. 2. 1. Basic Equations In this section the analytical method, which was proposed by Marcatili [5], to deal with the three-dimensional optical waveguide, as shown in Fig.

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