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;Frog: A Photographic Portrait КНИГИ ;НАУЧНО-ПОПУЛЯРНОЕ название : Frog: A Photographic Portraitиздатель : DK ADULTавтор : Thomas Marent, Tom Jacksonгод: 2008-09-01формат: pdf страниц: 284Language: EnglishISBN :9780756641320размер архива: 13,66 мбКнига состоит из фотографий лягушек и жаб , с пояснениями для понимания , что несёт для них экологические изменения на планете.Frog is a party of the interesting diversity of the planet's frogs and toads. released to coincide with Amphibian Ark's "Year of the Frog" and designed to construct expertise of environmental switch inflicting many species of amphibians to vanish at an alarming fee. the purpose of the year's crusade is to generate knowledge to the best species conservation problem in historical past. writer BIO: Thomas Marent, writer of Rainforest (2006) and Butterfly (2008), begun photographing ordinary historical past matters, quite birds and butterflies, within the mountains of his local Switzerland. He has devoted approximately part his lifestyles to recording butterflies throughout 5 continents. .com eighty five

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I had the weirdest dream ever. I dreamt that I was getting married. I felt very happy and sad at the same time. But why? There were many people there, but no bride. At the end of the dream I got to see my wife-to-be behind a curtain. It was a giant glass frog! I was blown away by the beauty of this frog, which is probably why I felt so happy. But I was also sad because I wasn’t single any more. %Fleischmann’s glass frog (Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni) POISON DART FROGS The Dendrobatidae contains some of the most brightly coloured and appealing frog species of all.

I was thinking, “Why do I do this to myself? ” I was almost out of the forest when the biologist came over to me. ” He was holding a member of the rare species. It was beautiful! That was my best birthday present ever. 047 I D E N T I TY $The name Hyloscirtus tigrinus has only recently been confirmed for this species. $Rhacophorus pardalis is one of the flying frogs from the family Rhacophoridae. This specimen comes from Borneo. The “flying” aspect comes from its webbed feet, which form a gliding surface when spread out.

The frogs use the valuable source of water that collects at the base of the leaves. "The European toad (Bufo bufo) spends long periods away from water. "This Platypelis grandis from Madagascar is keeping moist in a tree hole. 035 I D E N T I TY "The European common frog (Rana temporaria) is one of the most widespread frog species. It lives across Europe as fas as the Urals and is found on the edge of the Arctic Circle in Norway. TREE FROGS As their name suggests, frogs belonging to this group spend their lives in the branches.

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