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By Harry Sidebottom

Already a bestseller within the U.K., fireplace within the East is the 1st gripping installment in a massive grand narrative―the Warrior of Rome series.

A.D. 255: The Roman Imperium is stretched to the brink, its authority and can challenged in the course of the territories and alongside each border. One guy is shipped to marshal the defenses of a lonely urban and to shore up the crumbling partitions of a as soon as indomitable image of Roman energy, a guy whose very identify capability conflict, a guy known as Ballista. So unfolds an epic drama―a tale of empire, heroes, treachery, braveness, and so much of all, of brutal, bloody battle.

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Demetrius started to yell. His dark eyes were bright with terror, his words barely audible. ‘... Stupid stories. A Greek... blown into the deep sea... islands no one has seen, full of satyrs, horses’ tails growing out of their arses, huge pricks.... threw them a slave girl... raped her all over... their only way to escape... ’ shouted the captain, and disappeared forward. At dawn, three days after the storm first hit and two days overdue, the imperial trireme the Concordia rounded the headland and pulled into the tiny semicircular harbour of Cassiope on the island of Corcyra.

Before returning laden with plundered treasures, driving their captives before them, they had watered their horses by the Mediterranean sea. Thus, now there were next to no Roman forces for the new Dux Ripae to command. The specifics of Ballista’s instructions, his mandata, perforce revealed the feeble state of Roman power in the east. He was commanded to proceed to the city of Arete, in the Province of ‘Hollow Syria’ (Coele Syria), atthe easternmost reaches of the imperium. There he was to ready the city to withstand siege by the Sassanids, a siege which was expected to fall the following year.

The ship would need to catch enough wind to give her steerage way, but too much would make her hard to control. The trireme was now lurching violently, and the captain gave the order to bring her round to run to the north. The helmsman called to the rowing master and the bow officer and then, at his signal, all three called to the rowers, the piper squeaked and the helmsman pulled on the steering oars. Tilting alarmingly, the galley came round to her new heading. On a further volley of orders the mainsail was set, tightly brailed up to show only a small area of canvas, and the oars on the lower two levels were drawn inboard.

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