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In Feed Your Genes Right, well known nutrients specialist Jack Challem interprets the highly intriguing technology of nutrigenomics--which explores the hyperlink among nutrients and our personal DNA--into useful consuming plans and dietary complement thoughts for maximizing one's genetic inheritance, slowing the getting older method, and lowering the possibilities of affliction. After describing how nutrition and foodstuff can assist fix improper or broken genes, Challem deals particular plans--complete with scrumptious carb-smart recipes--that goal dozen universal or inherited ailments and prerequisites, together with arthritis, melanoma, diabetes, fatigue, gluten intolerance, center affliction, and obesity.

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DNA Mistakes during Cell Replication Your body makes new cells when you are growing up, during the healing of injuries, and when old cells stop functioning or die and must be replaced. During cell replication, DNA makes a copy of itself, with the copy becoming part of the new cell. The accuracy of DNA replication is exceptional—far better than that of the best typist—but it is not perfect. The replicated DNA may look virtually identical to the original, but typographical errors form in the chemical letters making up DNA.

One well-known case involves Greg LeMond, the bicycle racer who won two world championships and the Tour de France three times. Plagued with a variety of health problems, LeMond was diagnosed at age thirty-two with a mitochondrial myopathy. It was very unlikely that he was born with such mitochondrial damage, because it would have prevented him from excelling at bicycle racing. However, strenuous exercise generates large numbers of free radicals, and LeMond’s intensive exercise (possibly without appropriate nutritional support) may have damaged his mitochondrial DNA.

When your DNA starts to malfunction, you will age faster than you would otherwise, and your risk of disease will 11 12 F E E D YO U R G E N E S R I G H T increase as well. The reason for this is that malfunctioning DNA cannot provide the correct instructions to your body’s cells, such as those in the heart or kidneys, to perform their jobs. Similarly, cancers arise from damaged DNA that incorrectly instructs cells to multiply uncontrollably. If you are like me, you want to keep your DNA in the best possible shape, because it means staying as youthful and healthy as you can.

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