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By Professor Neil deGrasse Tyson

This sequence of lectures discusses twelve themes according to twelve hand-picked essays out of 100 or so written for average heritage journal considering that 1995. even if they don't keep on with a specific curriculum, they still symbolize the professor's favourite cosmic matters. And, now not strangely, they characterize issues for which most of the people harbors a sustained and insatiable curiosity.

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An eclipse of the moon takes place when the Earth's shadow covers the moon. ellipse-A geometric figure resembling a football or a cigar. An ellipse has two foci. The sum of the distances from the two foci to each point on the curve is the same all the way around. epicycle-In the Ptolemaic system, the small circle in which each planet supposedly looped around its ideal position. first quarter (moon)-The phase of the moon about one week after the new moon, when half of the moon is illuminated. fixed stars-The great majority of stars, whose position relative to each other is the same night after night.

The rotunda of the Capitol building in Washington has an elliptical dome for a ceiling. A whisper spoken at one focus can be heard quite clearly across the room at the other focus. Kepler's discoveries can be summarized in his three laws of planetary motion. These are empirical laws. They fit the data well, but Kepler had no idea why they should be true, or how they could be applied to anything but the planets. Nevertheless they are important. They describe, simply and 35 The laws ofplanetary motion accurately, the motion of all the planets.

For fun, we include a second satellite 35,900 kilometers above the earth's surface ("Telstar"). We will use different units of distance and time than in Table 2-1: thousands of kilometers for distance, and hours for time. So the value of Kepler's ratio will come out differently than before. The only thing that is important about this ratio is that it will be the same for all the satellites. 42 The motion of the planets Table 2-2 shows that the moon is a satellite of the Earth, in the same sense that the low-flying rocket is.

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