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By Harold Bloom

This sequence offers complete examining and examine publications for many of the world's most crucial literary masterpieces.

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She is worried about what might happen between her and Gatsby. ” For Daisy, a woman for whom adoration is most important, such a change (now that she knows of the half-decade mission) would be ruinous.

Jordan tells the story, as she grew up with Daisy in Louisville, and was best friends with her. ” Tragically, to hear Jordan tell it, Gatsby leaves, disappears for four years, during which Daisy has her debut and soon becomes engaged to Tom Buchanan from Chicago. ” Daisy, however, is reluctant. Jordan finds her drunk and despondent just before the bridal dinner, clutching a letter and a bottle of wine, having thrown her pearls into the trash. As Jordan and Daisy’s mother work to sober her up, she refuses to let go of the letter, even taking it into the cold bath they make her take.

Eckleburg. Long ago erected by “some wild wag of an oculist” to “fatten his practice in the boroughs of Queens,” the eyes of the doctor “brood” like those of a despondent god. George Wilson later sees them almost literally as the eyes of God. They are also ever seeing, overseeing, never blinking, and take the role of conscience, witness, and judge. ” That delay, Nick tells the reader, resulted in his meeting Tom Buchanan’s mistress. ” The stare comes after Tom’s brazen admission to a mistress, and watches Nick’s (however reluctant) complicity in going to meet the woman.

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