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Yet will you say that our Duke has made so ill a beginning? ’ said Gilbert scornfully. ’ Raoul challenged him. ’ Hubert interposed. ‘The boy will soon find his mistake. Let him take service with the Duke, if my lord can so arrange it for him. If I am right and he comes back disappointed – well, there will be a place for him still at my board. If he is right, and the Duke is a man even as his father was before him, why, so much the better for us all! ’ Hubert’s word was law at Harcourt when he spoke it in just that tone.

Some were dicing, some talking in low voices, and others drowsing with their heads on the table. The servers were still busy clearing away the trestles, and spreading pallets; and presently the Duke’s valet came up the stairs and went into William’s chamber. From the ambry leading into the hall came a muffled clatter of patins in the wash-tub; outside in the court the men-at-arms were still moving about. There was no sign of Galet; he must have slipped away when the Duke went upstairs. ’ Raoul thought, hating him.

With good will,’ said Raoul promptly. ’ asked Hubert. ’ Raoul did not answer for a moment, but stood looking down at the flickering candles. Presently, he raised his eyes to his father’s face, and spoke in a different voice, serious and hesitating. ‘Father, you and my brothers there have always laughed at me for being a dreamer. Perhaps you are right, and I am fit for nothing else, but my dreams are not so ill, I think. For many years I have dreamed of law in this Normandy of ours, law and justice, so that men may no longer burn and slay and pillage at will.

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