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By Mohammad A. Karim

Covers rules, functions, and concerns referring to all significant elecro-optical screens shortly in use, with dialogue of exhibit assessment features and human issue subject matters. assurance contains: liquid crystal (LC) show homes, matrix addressing, and photoaddressing matters; time-

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A substantial amount of the light that reaches the glass at normal or nearly normal angles is transmitted. However, a portion of the incident light (beyond the critical angle of incidence) may be totally internally reflected at the glassair interface, and some of it may again be totally internally reflected at the phosphorglass interface. Such physical situations yield a series of concen- Page 13 tric circles of reduced brightness instead of producing one bright display spot. The combination of diffused display spots results in a display spot that has a Gaussian distribution profile.

S. Awwal discusses the seriousness of various image defects that are to be observed in nondiscrete displays and identifies means for correcting such image degradation. John C. Feltz next uses MTF analysis, in Chapter 13, to characterize image degradation in discrete displays and imagers. In particular, this chapter deals with charged-coupled device (CCD) based displays. Terrence S. Lomheim and Linda S. Kalman carry this a step further and study digital hardware simulation of CCD sensor systems.

Freeman 417 Part III Evaluation of Displays 11. Standardization of Nondiscrete Displays Abdul Ahad S. Awwal 447 12. Restoration of Dynamically Degraded Images in Displays Abdul Ahad S. Awwal 475 13. Discrete Display Devices and Analysis Techniques John C. Feltz 495 14. Analytical Modeling and Digital Simulation of Scanning Charge-Coupled Device Imaging Systems Terrence S. Lomheim and Linda S. Kalman 513 15. Display and Enhancement of Infrared Images Jerry Silverman and Virgil E. Vickers 585 Part IV Display Issues 16.

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