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Those riveting personalities each one completed excellence, yet even more than their person accomplishments is the optimistic Hispanic photograph they jointly symbolize to the realm. pictures, illustrations, and vigorous textual content inform the tales ot those interesting ancient figures.

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This would have given the growers, rather than the union, power over who was hired or fired. In Arizona, Dolores Huerta campaigned tirelessly to achieve union recognition for workers. In fact, she came up with a slogan that has long been identified with the UFW: Sí, Se Puede (“Yes, We Can”). “We’d have a mass [Catholic religious service] every night and a meeting after mass,” Huerta recalled. “We were trying to get [more people] to join the mass. . One of the fellows said to me, ‘In California you can do these things.

So I am trying to get more of our women to hang in there. The energy of women is important. . : University of Oklahoma Press, 1995), 71. ** Ibid.

They often lost interest in the union. Chávez realized that it might take 5 to 10 years to build a union and mount a successful strike. In the meantime, he went door to door in Delano distributing questionnaires. These asked farmworkers what issues were troubling them and what kinds of changes would improve their lives. On weekends, Dolores Huerta came down from her home in Stockton to join Chávez in his door-to-door campaign. Both Huerta and Chávez realized that organizing the farmworkers would be very difficult, because they included many diverse groups.

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