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A countrywide bestseller, Dictionary of the Khazars was once stated via the hot York occasions publication overview as the best books of the yr. Written in models, female and male (both to be had in classic International), that are exact shop for seventeen the most important traces, Dictionary is the imaginary ebook of information of the Khazars, a those that flourished someplace past Transylvania among the 7th and 9th centuries. Eschewing traditional narrative and plot, this lexicon novel combines the dictionaries of the world's 3 significant religions with entries that jump among earlier and destiny, that includes 3 unruly clever males, a e-book published in poison ink, suicide by means of mirrors, a chimerical princess, a sect of monks who can infiltrate one's goals, romances among the dwelling and the lifeless, and masses extra.

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Last autumn I saw him stand beneath a tree, his saber drawn, waiting for the wind to blow; as the first fruit dropped, he slashed it with his saber in mid-air, splitting it in half. He has a harelip, and grows whiskers to hide it, but his teeth show through when his mouth is closed. He looks as if he has no lips and his whiskers grow on his teeth. "Serbs say that he loves his native land and is both candle and salt to his people, but he has habits that are strange and unbefitting to his calling.

He thought: 'The living have tested him; now he must be tested by the dead. ' And, having come to this conclusion, he found Petkutin a bride. "Since landowners in Walachia always take with them a bodyguard and a soulguard, Brankovich occasionally did the same. Among his soulguards he had a Tzintzar who used to say that everything on earth had become truth and who had a very pretty daughter. The daughter had taken all her best features from her mother, who after birth remained forever ugly. When the girl turned ten, her mother, with what had once been pretty hands, taught her how to bake bread, and her father summoned her, told her that the future is not water, and died.

Preserved Fragments from the Introduction to the Destroyed 1691 Edition of the Dictionary (translated from the Latin) DICTIONARIES THE RED BOOK (Christian sources on the Khazar question) THE GREEN BOOK (Islamic sources on the Khazar question) THE YELLOW BOOK (Hebrew sources on the Khazar question) APPENDIX I Father Theoctist Nikolsky as Compiler of The Khazar Dictionary's First Edition APPENDIX II Excerpt from the Court Minutes, with the Testimonies of Witnesses in the Dr. Abu Kabir Muawia Murder Case CLOSING NOTE On the Usefulness of This Dictionary LIST OF ENTRIES PRELIMINARY NOTES TO THE SECOND, RECONSTRUCTED AND REVISED, EDITION The author assures the reader that he will not have to die if he reads this book, as did the user of the 1691 edition, when The Khazar Dictionary still had its first scribe.

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