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By J. M. Peebles

1904. allow previous philosophies and follies, truths and error meet, enable outdated and smooth necromancies, sorceries, magic white and black, theories solid, undesirable and detached, come forth from their mystery lurking areas within the crypts of half-forgotten lore, allow them to come forth and stand entrance to entrance with state-of-the-art inspirations, angel ministries and God's fact published within the divine ebook of nature. Partial Contents: evil spirits and their impacts; chinese language spiritism; demoniac ownership; Judean obsessions and the activities of demons in Jesus' time; new testomony demonism; obsessions of the early Methodists and others; obsessions, tobacco, liquors and haunted playing dens; mental crimes; witchcraft and madness; shall males pray for the useless? can the obsessed be relieved and the way? Swedenborg and his obsessing evil spirits; Spiritualism because it is, and the message it has for the realm.

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Class of Persons Most Controlled by Evil Spirits. ''Persons possessed range between fifteen and fifty years of age, quite irrespective of sex. This infliction comes on very suddenly, sometimes in the day, and some- Obsession, the 42 Demonism of the Ages. times in the night. The demoniac talks madly, smashes everything near him, acquires unusual strength, tears his clothes into rags, mountains, or and rushes into the street, or to the After this demoniac calms down and submits to his fate, but under the most heart-rending protests.

The dragon procession, on the fifteenth of the first month, is said by some to commemorate a They Buddhist priest's victory over evil spirits. paste up charms on windows and doors, and on the body of the demoniac, and conjure the demon never to return. The evil spirit answers: 'I'll never return! ' "Exorcists are specially hated by the evil spirits. Sometimes they feel themselves beaten fearfully; but no hand is seen. Bricks and stones may fall on them from the sky or housetops. " place to place.

In cases of possession by familiar demons, what is Said by the subject certainly does not proceed from his own will. When the demon has gone out and the subject recovers consciousness, he has no recollection whatever of what he has said or done. This is true almost rolls invariably. "The methods by which the Chinese cast out demons are enticing them to leave by burning charms and paper money, or by begging and exhorting them, or by frightening them with magic spells and incantations, or driving them away by pricking with needles, or pinching with the fingers, in which case they cry out and promise to go.

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