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She had chosen to remain camped and not move on until she had had a chance to think it all through. They had found the catkin, injured, but alive. She had had to sedate Seri once she got the full tale out of her. "I don't know what this creature is, but it sounds bad. I'm sending two-thirds of the company back to Merkreth's Crossing with the kids and their catkin. " Her people were not soldiers, although some of them had been, and they were all good with their weapons. They did not do wars. They were search and rescue.

He had also had a place briefly among the lycans, but they had come to doubt him because he had been born sa'necari. Troyes had ruined that for him, although Nevin and Olin, his clan-brothers had come here with him. He could not prove that Claw's finding Troyes lying dead on his own hidden altar had not meant that Isranon had rited him. He had a place now with Timon and Ephry. "You should not associate with them," Bodramet growled at Isranon during breakfast. He clutched a damp handkerchief in his hands, dabbing constantly at his mouth.

Then Turlough fell across Father Levis and moved no more. All save one of the women went in search of the other two priests and the servants. Seri's mother knelt, cutting Father Levis' head off in a methodical fashion, determined to be the first to return to their god with a priest's head. **** Twelve-year old Seri noticed when the children began to disappear in the neighborhood. She had always had a tendency to see monsters under the bed and hear them in every creak of the floorboards at night.

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