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By Mike Shepherd

Lieutenant Commander Kris Longknife leads a reconnaissance undertaking of the giant uncharted areas of area. not anyone, least of all Kris, expects to discover a antagonistic alien starship. Now, she needs to make sure the level of the alien threat-and no matter if to begin an interstellar war...

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Kris would never have guessed Grampa Ray was so into red. The king himself sat in a large visitor’s chair next to Mac’s desk. Why did Kris suspect that chair was only brought out from against the wall when the king came to call. Mac sat at his desk. To his left, in a normal-sized visitor’s chair, was Admiral Crossenshield, the head of Wardhaven Intelligence. S. Intelligence, now. Royal Intelligence? It was hard to tell what to call anything in this changing world. What hadn’t changed was the unholy trinity, as Kris had taken to calling them.

Only after he was in uniform did Grampa Trouble let drop that, as the security chief for a serving member of the blood, Jack now had authority to countermand any order of Kris’s that he considered a risk to her safety. And Jack had a pretty broad definition of what constituted Kris’s safety. They were still working out their differences. And Kris was now a lot more careful about any suggestion coming from Grampa Trouble. Today, even in the holy of holies, Jack’s head swiveled slowly, eyes searching for anything that might physically harm Kris.

Assuming whatever they find doesn’t follow them home, nipping at their heels,” Grampa Trouble said darkly. The king shook his head. “Last time I checked, I was the king, and nobody has asked me if I want my granddaughter rummaging around under the galactic inner springs to see if anything bites her,” he grumbled. That took Kris aback. Then again, Grampa Ray, seventy years ago, when he was the President of the Society of Humanity, had pushed through the Treaty of Wardhaven. Under that rule, humanity had slowed down its expansion to a more reasonable pace, colonizing most of its known sphere before pressing on to explore and people a new layer.

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