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These dendritic crystals are much less likely to cake together than are the cubic ones, so piles of salt can be stored without trouble. Dendritic crvstals of common salt (sodium chloride). A trace of potassium ferrocvanide was added to make the salt crvstallise in this form. Something to find out You may have seen big piles of salt at the service areas of motorways. It is used in winter to de-ice roads. What does salt do to de-ice roads? Something to do Get some ice from the refrigerator or from a fishmonger, crush it into small pieces and put it in a small basin.

There is a great deal of work still to do and many problems to solve, but they are certain to make changes in your life before many years. 14 seconds to travel to the moon and back. Light travels at 300 million metres per second. How far away is the moon'? LOOKING BACK AND LOOKING FORWARD You will remember that we began by looking at some beautiful and curious natural crystals, wondering how they came to grow as they did and finding we could grow crystals ourselves under certain conditions. Then we looked at a wider range of crystals and saw how they could be classified according to their shape.

Some crystals can be very useful in this way. ' '. • . _. /..... '.. 0' -~ ~ nuclear energy ri ~ c. - " 47 CRYST ALS FOR TODA Y AND TOMO RROW SQUE EZIN G CRYS TALS In the 1940s a substa nce called ammo nium di-hyd rogen phosp hate was grown as single crystals from solution, in much the same way as you grew alum crystals. It has, in comm on with some other crystals, the proper ty of being able to produc e electricity under a changi ng pressure. This is called piezo-electricity - from the Greek word for pressure.

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