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Instead, he held the city of Pi in rebellion against his nominal overlords, the Chi family. His position against the Chi, who commanded the resources of the state of Lu, was obviously untenable over a long period unless he could enlarge the basis o f h is support. It is possible that he dreamed of restoring the power of the Duke, under his own protection rather than that Confucius of the Chi family. " It is understandable that Confucius was sorely tempted. His vocation, as he saw it, was government; his mission, to save the world.

We cannot tell how long Tzii-lu had been holding this position, but it is improbable that his tenure began before 502 . That was the year of the attempted rebellion led by Yang Hu; the de­ tailed account of that affair does not mention Tzii-lu. In this attempted coup there was also involved another subor­ dinate of the Chi family, named Kung-Shan Fu-jao, who had charge of the fortified city of Pi, which was the principal scat of the Chi. Kung-Shan was disaffected toward the Chi, for what reason it is not known.

The precautions seemed more than ample. But one of He Lu's bravos placed a dagger inside a fish, crawled to set the fish before the ruler, then suddenly d rew the dagger and stabbed the king to death . " Two powerful families in Ch'i were inimical toward two other families and heard that their enemies were coming to attack them. Immediately they assembled their followers and gave them arms. This done, they inquired into what their enemies were doing and found that the whole story had been false.

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