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By Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, Diana Pyke

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AGE OF REitfSON half I it's been my purpose, for numerous years previous, to put up my concepts upon faith. i'm good conscious of the problems that attend the topic, and from that attention, had reserved it to a extra complicated interval of existence. T meant it to be the final supplying I may still make to my fellow-citizens of all international locations, and that at a time whilst the purity of the purpose that brought on me to it, couldn't admit of a query, even by means of those that may perhaps disapprove the paintings.

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A riotous, bitingly humorous, and supremely shrewdpermanent novel from one in all our such a lot certain voices within the English language.  The yr is 1970, and Keith Nearing, a twenty-year-old literature pupil, is spending his summer time holiday in a fort on a mountainside in Italy. The Sexual Revolution is in full-swing—a historic second of unheard of opportunity—and Keith and his associates are instantly stuck up in its chaotic, ecstatic throes.

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Betweentimes, too, he was interested in my progress at school and asked whether I knew what I wanted to do. I said frankly that I hadn't yet made up my mind. Perhaps I might go in for medicine like Eddy - perhaps something else. He did not worry. "We Schachts always mature late and live all the longer in consequence," he said. "You'll find out soon enough what you want to do. " I was much attracted by Grandfather's big bookcase where I discovered a complete edition of Hebbel's plays. We had studied some of them at school - not surprising since Hebbel's first work, Judith, had been written in Hamburg.

As the authorities did not want any failures, all doubtful candidates were warned in good time to enter their names for a date six months ahead. In this way all nineteen of us passed. As I have already mentioned, we were examined in groups on two successive days. Anyone who did well in a written examination was excused from the viva. Luckily this happened with my math test, in which I was so successful in the written part that I passed -which gave me great satisfaction. In Hebrew, too, I was exempted from the viva.

The next morning I packed my school satchel, stuck my blue cap on my head and made my way over the uneven cobbles to the railway station. The stationmaster looked at me and beckoned me nearer. " "Yes," I said. "Well, you can't," said the good man. " I asked. He leaned forward slightly and his expression became very grave. "Cholera has broken out in Hamburg," he whispered. "All schools are closed till further notice. " I picked up my satchel and went right back. " I asked the doctor. He glanced first at his wife, then at me.

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