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AGE OF REitfSON half I it's been my purpose, for numerous years earlier, to put up my techniques upon faith. i'm good conscious of the problems that attend the topic, and from that attention, had reserved it to a extra complicated interval of lifestyles. T meant it to be the final providing I should still make to my fellow-citizens of all international locations, and that at a time whilst the purity of the rationale that brought on me to it, couldn't admit of a query, even through those that may disapprove the paintings.

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Even if the code is perfectly, rather than shabbily, enacted, it produces mandarins instead of Buddhas. The perfect Nazi is still a thug. Stevens's father provides an additional illustration. In his seventies, at the end of a life of distinguished service, Stevens's father has always been a paragon of bushido, of samurai discipline and loyalty. Stevens is shocked when Miss Kenton, at the time a r:tewcomer to the estate, sees in the old man nothing more than an under-butler. Stevens remarks, "I am surprised your powers of observation have not already made it clear to you Commonwealth Literature: Philosophy and Poetry 23 that he is in reality more than that.

In 1923 Stevens witnesses a confrontation between his employer and with an American Senator, Mr. Lewis, who calls Lord Darlington a fool: "He [Darlington] is an amateur and international affairs today are no longer for gentlemen amateurs. The sooner you here in Europe realize that the better" (102). When Darlington rises with icy civility to correct Lewis - "What you describe as 'amateurism', sir, is what I think most of us here still prefer to call 'honour'" - Stevens heartily approves. Yet Lewis proves to be correct: good intentions are not enough to create a just world.

58-9. 9. Same as in 6. 10. Same as in 4, p. 57. 38 RN. Tagore's Treatment of Love: The Highest Manifestation ... 11. lll. 12. Tagore, Rabindranath: Chhinnapatra (Calcutta: Visva Bharati, 1961), May 8,1893. 13. Mukherjee, Prabhat Kumar: Rabindra Jeevani (Calcutta s Visva Bharati, 1340) p. 22. 14. Ibid. 15. Same as in 7, p. 15. 16. Butcher Maggie: The Eye of the Beholder (Indian Writing in English) (London? , 1983 ) 000 Three RE-INTERPRETATION OF MYTH IN SRI AU ROBIN DO'S SA VITRI DR. RATRI Roy Much has been written about Sri Aurobindo's poetry, but one particular aspect of it has not been fully explored.

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