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Describes the historical past, geography, govt, financial system, humans and tradition of China.

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D. 65. Buddhism brought new ideas to China, including the concepts of nirvana (heavenly bliss) and reincarnation. d. 700, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism all coexisted in China. The Han period saw great territorial expansion. The empire reached to the present-day Xinjiang Autonomous Region in the far west, Korea in the east, and Vietnam in the south. For the first time, the Chinese empire bore some spatial relation to its modern-day state and territorial limits. The population grew to about 60 million.

These exercises are practiced throughout China in public places in the early morning hours. They are generally engaged in by the elderly, who hope to maintain flexibility through slow graceful movements in a ballet-like dance. One health issue facing China and other Asian societies arises from tobacco smoking. Since the 1980s, the amount of farmland used to grow tobacco in China has tripled. The country imports and exports tobacco on a large scale. Estimates are that one in every three cigarettes smoked in the world today is smoked in China.

China had some 700 million cell phones and 300 million Internet users by the end of 2008. Not all people favor these trends. Family is still of major importance in Chinese culture. Most children live in a close, loving family structure. Generally, Asian societies treat a young person up to about age eight as a “Golden Child,” who can do almost no wrong. Chinese society is also concerned about preserving hierarchy. Status in the family hierarchy is always foremost. The Chinese extended family encourages elderly parents to assist and influence family life.

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