Download CCENT Exam Cram. Exam 640-822 by Michael Valentine PDF

By Michael Valentine

In this booklet, you learn the way to:

  • Develop excellent fluency in subnetting
  • Understand the OSI version and the Cisco three-layer hierarchical model
  • Connect Cisco gear, make preliminary configurations, and fasten to different units to construct a network
  • Configure Cisco routers and again up and restoration your Cisco IOS software program configurations
  • Implement, determine, and troubleshoot a small, switched network
  • Configure and confirm a simple WAN serial connection
  • Understand and practice instant LAN (WLAN) concepts
  • Mitigate community safety threats and safe community devices
  • Configure static routes and RIPv2
  • Connect a small place of work to the Internet




Michael Valentine has been within the IT box for 12 years, concentrating on community layout and implementation. he's at present a Cisco coach with Skyline complicated expertise companies and makes a speciality of Cisco Unified Communications guideline in addition to CCNA and CCNP courses.


Andrew Whitaker is the director of company InfoSec and networking and senior education teacher for education Camp. He has accomplished numerous Cisco certifications and has written on numerous Cisco topics.


This ebook features a CD-ROM that features:

  • Complete assurance of CCENT examination objectives
  • Realistic examination questions for potent practice
  • Detailed causes of right and wrong answers
  • Multiple examination modes
  • Flash Card format
  • An digital replica of the book

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Star—A star topology is one in which one host or device has multiple connections to other hosts; this is sometimes called hub-and-spoke as well. In a star topology, if a host wants to send to another host, it must send traffic through the hub or central device. Ethernet, if using a hub or a switch and Twisted Pair cabling, is star-wired. ➤ Ring—A ring topology is created when one device is connected to the next one sequentially, with the last device being connected to the first. The actual devices don’t necessarily form a circle, but the data moves in a logical circle.

E. The receiving device will drop frames that it cannot buffer. ❍ F. The receiving device will acknowledge receipt of a segment by sending an acknowledgment indicating the next segment it expects. 9. Which layer of the TCP/IP model is responsible for interhost data movement, using either connection-oriented or connectionless protocols? ❍ A. Network ❍ B. Internet ❍ C. Transport ❍ D. Network interface ❍ E. Application 10. Which of the following depicts a TCP header? ❍ A. ❍ B. Answers to Exam Prep Questions 1.

Let’s look at this more closely, starting with TCP. Reliable Communication with TCP The key to reliable communication using TCP is the use of sequence and acknowledgment numbers. These numbers are attached to the various segments of information that are sent between two hosts to identify what order they should be assembled in to re-create the original data, and to keep track of whether any segments went missing along the way. When a host sends a segment of data, it is labeled with a sequence number that identifies that segment and where it belongs in the series of segments being sent.

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