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By James Stewart, Jeffrey A. Cole, Daniel Drucker, Daniel Anderson

Comprises totally worked-out options to the entire odd-numbered workouts within the textual content, giving scholars how to fee their solutions and make sure that they took the proper steps to reach at a solution.

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We can also write 12 as a product of prime numbers. Definition A prime number is a natural number whose only two different factors are 1 and itself. ) EXAMPLE 3 Is 7 a prime number? Solution Yes. The only way to write 7 as a product of natural numbers is 1 ؒ 7. [YOU TRY 3] Is 19 a prime number? Definition A composite number is a natural number with factors other than 1 and itself. Therefore, if a natural number is not prime, it is composite (with the exception of 0 and 1). indd Page 7 16/08/12 9:25 PM user-f498 /207/MH01613/mes06260_disk1of1/0073406260/mes06260_pagefiles IA— Note The numbers 0 and 1 are neither prime nor composite.

3) Add or subtract. 4) Express the answer in lowest terms. EXAMPLE 10 Add or subtract. ” If not, write the answer in lowest terms. 2 1 ϩ 9 6 LCD ϭ 18 Identify the least common denominator. 2 2 4 ؒ ϭ 9 2 18 1 3 3 ؒ ϭ 6 3 18 Rewrite each fraction with a denominator of 18. 2 1 4 3 7 ϩ ϭ ϩ ϭ 9 6 18 18 18 b) 6 7 1 Ϫ3 8 2 Method 1 Keep the numbers in mixed number form. Subtract the whole number parts and subtract the fractional parts. Get a common denominator for the fractional parts. 7 1 For 6 and 3 , the LCD is 8.

18) Find the complement of each angle. ; 6) a) 9 ft3 b) 36␲ in3 68Њ ? 19) ? Find the supplement of each angle. 11) 143Њ 12) 62Њ 13) 38Њ 14) 155Њ Find the measure of the missing angles. 119Њ 22Њ 20) 21) ? indd Page 31 17/08/12 7:43 PM user-f498 /207/MH01613/mes06260_disk1of1/0073406260/mes06260_pagefiles IA— 22) Can a triangle contain more than one obtuse angle? Explain. 5 mi 24) 3 in. 5 mi Classify each triangle as equilateral, isosceles, or scalene. 23) 2 12 ft 36) 11 in. 8 cm 3 in. 13 in. 2 ft 12 in.

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