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By P. Brooker

This unique research discovers the bourgeois within the modernist and the dissenting kind of Bohemia within the new inventive events of the 1910s. Brooker sees the bohemian because the instance of the trendy artist, at odds with yet outlined via the codes of bourgeois society. Bohemia in London reconstructs the standard heritage, situating the canonic names of modernism on the planet of teams and coteries which formed the allied experiments in artwork and lifestyles. therefore it renews once again the complexities and radicalism of the modernist problem.

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Anastasya’s figure is full; she is a provocative and larger-than-life physical presence, not in this respect unlike the series of Tyros Lewis was to paint in the early 1920s. ‘She exuded personality with an alarming and disgusting intensity’ (Lewis, 1990: 100). com - licensed to Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromso - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-15 Bourgeois-Bohemians 19 Bohemia in London and culture: thus she wears ‘a heavy black burnous, very voluminous and severe’ with an ‘immense and sinuous’ hat (99).

Modern society is heterogeneous and international all at once (Gombarov loses his virginity to a Parisian courtesan in Florence in a bed made in Massachusetts by Puritan hands) and his brain rings out a ‘medley of discordant tunes’ (Cournos, 1922: 37). He is Jewish, Russian, American, a ‘monk and roué’ (62) at war with himself, pulled one way towards home, wife, children and the other towards romance, adventure and art. He faces, in other words, the choice of bourgeois or bohemian. The first is represented by his respectable middle-class American fiancée, Winifred, who promises to help discover ‘the especial thread that is my true self’ (62).

For here was another face of the legend: ‘Wyndham Lewis, heartless Lothario’ to complement the Vorticist firebrand. The record sometimes tells another story, however, as in the case of Iris Barry. The Barry–Nancy Cunard story is not one that Barry’s papers corroborate. 7 Their son, Robin, if such he was, Lewis never recognised. Also, as we have seen, Lewis came to revise and indeed reject the anti-humanism of the Vorticist aesthetic. Tarr is part of that process, most strikingly in the figure of Anastasya.

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