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By Don Hanlon Johnson

Body: improving Our Sensual Wisdom outlines a plan for reclaiming cohesion between our physique events, senses, and idea methods. It describes how we're burdened to mould ourselves to slot others' wishes via attitudes fostered in religions, colleges, the office, and the army. It offers specific cognizance to how gender beliefs form us. Interweaving own stories, anatomical analyses, and the tales of guys and girls from a number of walks of existence, the ebook explores how the mind/body cut up, concretized in our social associations, coaxes us to mistrust what our personal senses let us know. In marked distinction to the individualistic air of mystery of books in an identical vein, this booklet argues that particular wisdom by myself isn't sufficient to right the social scars left through mind-body dualisms. actual swap can basically happen once we subscribe to jointly to change the shapes of our social physique: faculties, church buildings, political agencies, companies, and health-care practices. through the e-book, there are useful but delicate routines provided for bringing a couple of reunion of summary principles and flesh, a restoration of our forgotten genius embedded within the cells of bodies.

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Think of what it takes to sustain and . A Loss of Sense / 39 enrich this community at its most fundamental level: food, shelter, communal organization of work, care of the sick. Then think of the most abstract human goals: an Islamic society, communism, capitalism, Christianity. If you examine our social goals you will find that we are collectively supporting the most obscure goals, whose "truth" is difficult to verify, and sacrificing the pursuit of those that are the most obvious and tangible.

Health" came to be defined in terms of proper mechanical functioning of the various body parts. Industrial capitalism was simultaneously becoming the dominant mode of production. The assembly line required bodies trained to behave with the predictability of the other mechanical parts of the process, so individual organic needs for rest and nourishment had to be forced into conformity with the standardized work week. If one wanted to retain one's job, one had to overcome sickness, disability, and ex- 24 I BODY treme fatigue.

She expresses herself clearly and directly. During her late twenties, Sister Ruth gained nearly one hundred pounds and coincidentally developed severe back pain. In 1963, she had the first of four spinal surgeries, none of which was successful in eliminating the pain, which eventually spread into her legs and feet. She became addicted to 46 / BODY pain-killing drugs to such an extent that she had to undergo withdrawal therapy in a clinic. In 1975 she had a hysterectomy, and in the spring of 1980 she had an operation in which her stomach was stapled, after which she lost seventy-one pounds.

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