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AGE OF REitfSON half I it's been my goal, for numerous years previous, to put up my strategies upon faith. i'm good conscious of the problems that attend the topic, and from that attention, had reserved it to a extra complicated interval of existence. T meant it to be the final providing I may still make to my fellow-citizens of all international locations, and that at a time while the purity of the reason that precipitated me to it, couldn't admit of a question, even through those that could disapprove the paintings.

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A riotous, bitingly humorous, and supremely smart novel from one in every of our such a lot special voices within the English language.  The yr is 1970, and Keith Nearing, a twenty-year-old literature pupil, is spending his summer season holiday in a citadel on a mountainside in Italy. The Sexual Revolution is in full-swing—a historic second of exceptional opportunity—and Keith and his acquaintances are instantly stuck up in its chaotic, ecstatic throes.

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Later in his life, Milton came to terms with the more specifically Christian view (which Spenser expresses in The Faerie Queene) that Marriage is an estate as honourable as Virginity, and equally rooted in chastity, temperance and Reason. But in his earlier work (and certainly before the 1637 insertion into the Epilogue of Comus) I think that he regarded Virginity as superior VIRTUE UNWAVERING: 'COMUS' 39 to Marriage, both because it is more in keeping with the ultimate Platonic aspiration, and because it is more capable of inspiring moral fervour.

11. 702-5) g6 BETWEEN TWO WORLDS we shall accuse her of being 'priggish' only if we totally ignore the masque's meaning; and we shall accuse her of being 'unpoetic' only if we have a very naive view of the nature and function of dramatic verse. Comus enters now upon his main temptation, which makes explicit the view of reality behind his attitude. He develops the claim that the whole of Nature is on his side and, drawing extensive and powerful analogies, provides a congenial primitivist interpretation of her message to man.

To him that dares Arm his profane tongue with contemptuous words Against the sun-clad power of Chastity, Fain would I something say, yet to what end? Thou hast nor ear nor soul to apprehend The sublime notion and high mystery BETWEEN TWO WORLDS That must be uttered to unfold the sage And serious doctrine of Virginity ... (11. 780-7) In these lines she brings to an exalted climax the poetic power, austere yet resonant, of her own consciousness, and the assertion of two unalterable orders of existence between which no communication can pass.

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