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If this happens, work on one fix first. I would get the nocking point set so you can focus on one item at a time. Once you get the bare-shaft arrows hitting in the fletched group, you should be ready to get your sight marks and start shooting. Line Tuning My favorite way of tuning a recurve bow is line tuning. Line tuning also works well after bare-shaft tuning because it helps fine-tune a recurve bow. The idea of line tuning is to get all your arrows hitting in a vertical line and a horizontal line.

The idea of bare-shaft tuning is to get the bare-shaft arrows in the top side of the fletched arrow group. Note that the fixes I talk about are for a right-handed shooter; for left-handed shooters, just do the opposite. If the bare-shaft arrows hit above the fletched group, this means your arrows are porpoising. To fix this, move the nocking point up until the bare-shaft arrows hit in the same group as the fletched arrows hit. If the bare-shaft arrows hit below the fletched group of arrows, move the nocking point down until the bare-shaft arrows go into the fletched group.

Your hips and torso play an important role in creating a solid foundation. Your hips should be tucked in to create a flat back, yet must stay in the same alignment and direction as your feet are in. From an overhead view, your hips are directly above your feet. Avoid pushing your front hip toward the target. Keep your hips in line with the 30-degree offset of your feet. At setup position, twist at the torso, just above your waist and below your rib cage, causing your chest to rotate and bringing your shoulders in line to create bone-to-bone alignment.

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