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The Age of Reason: Being an Investigation of True and Fabulous Theology

AGE OF REitfSON half I it's been my purpose, for a number of years previous, to submit my options upon faith. i'm good conscious of the problems that attend the topic, and from that attention, had reserved it to a extra complicated interval of existence. T meant it to be the final supplying I should still make to my fellow-citizens of all countries, and that at a time whilst the purity of the cause that brought about me to it, couldn't admit of a question, even through those that could disapprove the paintings.

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A riotous, bitingly humorous, and supremely shrewdpermanent novel from one among our such a lot precise voices within the English language.  The 12 months is 1970, and Keith Nearing, a twenty-year-old literature pupil, is spending his summer season holiday in a fortress on a mountainside in Italy. The Sexual Revolution is in full-swing—a ancient second of extraordinary opportunity—and Keith and his neighbors are instantly stuck up in its chaotic, ecstatic throes.

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Dadburn 'em. " Offering himself to the Church of Christ the next Sunday, he was asked only one simple question: whether or not he believed Jesus Christ to be the Son of the Living God. Uncle Josh believed, and from that day, he kept the faith and justified it by fighting the Baptists. If the Baptists had been Uncle Josh's only responsibility, he might have prayed out his problem in bed. But the Baptists were just a part of his burden. "Talk to me, Lord," Uncle Josh implored, turning his eyes toward heaven.

And right after sundown," went on Judson Barnes, "when it wuz jist beginning to get dark, the mammy of one a-them boys come a-crawlin' along the fence toward the tree where her son wuz a-hangin'. They caught her! She kept sayin' that she wuz jest a-comin' back fer her snuff-box, but that Page 29 didn't keep 'em from puttin' a hike on her jest like the rest. "Years before that, we had a nigger burnt to death here at Spring Creek. And 'fore that, we had one shot full of bullets and drug up and down the Spring Creek roads.

Gibson captured local idiom and culture so accurately that explicit identification of setting was unnecessary. Communities throughout Texas were outraged by Joshua Beene and God, some allegedly clamoring for the book to be burned. Twenty-one years earlier another novel by a Texas woman, The Wind (1925) by Dorothy Scarborough, had raised similar ire for its accurate and unsentimental depiction of the rigors of pioneer life on the West Texas ranching frontier. Although it was not written by a Texan, Edna Ferber's Giant (1952) evoked a similar public outcry that died down only after the filming of the movie version in and around Marfa starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean.

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