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In such a case, the woman is shown hundreds of strange incubation tanks filled with fetuses or babies floating in greenish or blue liquid. A tour of a nursery might follow as the abductee views hundreds of human-alien Did You Know? 50 hybrid babies lying on beds. Oftentimes, the woman is forced to hold, touch, or hug sickly alien offspring, or even nurse them. The babies are most often described as having grayish skin, white hair, large heads, tiny bodies, and small ears, noses, and eyes. Imparting Knowledge Did You Know?

Castello says Dulce consists of a vast web of tunnels and giant caves where Dracos have lived for thousands of years. S. government officials to conduct genetic breeding experiments between aliens and humans. In a report called The Dulce Papers, that began circulating in the late 1980s, Castello is quoted as describing alien life underground at the Dulce Base 33 where the Dracos are in charge and a lower class of Reptoids perform basic work: The worker caste [of Reptoids] does the daily chores, mopping the latex floors .

Their experiences have remarkably similar details. For example, about 90 percent of abductions happen at night. And while the Hills experienced the event together, nine out of ten alien abductions involve lone individuals. Abduction events tend to take place in a specific order. First, people are captured; next, they are subjected to medical examinations. When this is over, abductees report, they have conferences with their abductors, guided tours of spaceships, journeys to other worlds or planets, and, finally, they are returned home.

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