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By Garth L. Hallett

Charting a "middle approach" among the extremes represented via Alvin Plantinga and Richard Swinburne, Garth Hallett explores the thesis that if trust in different minds is rational and real (as it without doubt is), so too is trust in God. He makes a robust case that once this parity declare is competently limited to a unmarried, sound other-minds trust, trust in God and trust in different minds do turn out epistemically related. This outcome, and the detailed course that results in it, will curiosity scholars and students in philosophy of faith and theology.

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What becomes of their motivation to explain phenomena if it is always possible that the phenomena in question have no natural explanation? Such misgivings may be unfounded (see chapter 5), but apparently they are common and, implicating the central value of our scientific culture, are correspondingly strong. ' was the phrase most frequently on our lips. "72 If it is thus in the green wood, what in the dry?  . "74 In the abstract, it may appear difficult to understand how the existence of a supreme, transcendent being would in any way limit human realization, but, as I shall note later on, atheists have not reacted merely to an abstract conception.

They and many like them rebel against an emperor, a "big boss," whose every command must be obeyed. I do not claim that their disbelief is morally blameless. I am just suggesting that their antipathy to such an authority figure and the effect of this antipathy on their belief do not evidently entail any guilt on their part. And the like holds for other items I have cited. My sampling of affective factors is not systematic or exhaustive, and an assessment of their respective weights cannot be scientific.

Unreflective Grounds versus Unreflective Influences A striking seventeenth-century example illustrates the difference between an unreflective influence and an unreflective ground. , color, smell, taste, feel), which were not, save in an attenuated sense. On this view, a billiard ball that appears spherical and red is indeed spherical, as it appears, but is not red, as it appears; its redness consists of its power to cause red sensations in perceivers. Such, roughly, was the common doctrine. But the reasons given for it were so varied and so bad that one must look elsewhere for its origin.

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