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D "And we don't really know w h at It IS, 0 we. And the moment we try to name it, we set it apart and there are two. " "Yes. We have to name it something, so we name it Love. We name it because naming is how we think we keep control. Vle are bodies of mind in this ~ime~­ sian. " . "So all of being appears to us as a movement In the One. the I Am, i\nd it is myself. and I move with it. " "Yes. " Ch'- n TOUCHED ALL THE WAY THROUGH John and 1 are just sitting down to dinner when the phone rings.

S the world. Recognition came at a workshop in Sedona. Arizona, in the summer of 1993. It was Carol's birthday. She was fifty-two years old, which hardly seemed possible; she felt SO young. Several months before, Carol's friend, Mary, phoned to tell her of a Sedona hiking trip with a shamanic teacher. Carol was excited. She had heard about Sedona and its energy vortexes, and she wanted to experience them. She sent her registration and she and Mary began preparing fo,. the trip. Then Mary's back started giving her a lot of pain.

The one with the radiant eyes? The one who forgot everything? Did you see the life and the Light and the love come from that woman's face? My goodness'" For two days Carol watched Katie. Katie never seemed to tire. Sh~ climbed mountains and looked as fresh at the top as when she started. She walked with ease. She never stopped radiating the mysterious light that first attracted Carol to her, "She's Ihe one:' Carol realized. " Since her experience in the car ten years previously, Carol had searched for a way to hold the love and peace and joy.

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