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Organized for simple reference and an important perform, insurance of the entire crucial themes provided as 500 AP-style questions with precise solution explanations

5 Steps to a five: 500 AP Chemistry inquiries to comprehend through attempt Day is customized to satisfy your learn needs—whether you may have left it to the final minute to arrange otherwise you were learning for months. you'll make the most of going over the questions written to parallel the subject, structure, and measure of trouble of the questions inside the AP examination, observed by way of solutions with accomplished explanations.


  • 500 AP-style questions and solutions referenced to middle AP materials
  • Review motives for correct and flawed answers
  • Additional on-line practice
  • Close simulations of the true AP exams
  • Updated fabric displays the most recent tests
  • Online perform exercises

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The total atmospheric pressure of the laboratory (760 mmHg), as well as the temperature of the water (22°C) and the volume of gas (502 mL) in the eudiometer, are known. Which additional data, if any, is needed to calculate the number of moles of CO2 gas collected during the experiment? (A) The temperature of the gas collected (B) The mass of the gas in the eudiometer (C) The volume of H2O(l) in the eudiometer (D) The vapor pressure of water at the temperature of the water in the eudiometer (E) No other information is needed 150.

222. 375 M NaCl, which of the following is closest to the Na+ concentration in the final solution? 69 M 223. 0 L of NO at STP? 224. 5 mol O2 as completely as possible, how many moles of reactant would remain unreacted (in excess)? 0 mol NH3 Questions 225–227 refer to the following reaction of potassium superoxide (KO2). KO2 is used for its ability to absorb carbon dioxide gas and release oxygen. 225. 00 mol of CO2(g) are available? 5 226. What volume of CO2 is required to react with excess KO2 to produce 6 L of O2(g) at STP?

I. sp II. sp2 III. sp3 (A) I only (B) II only (C) III only (D) I and III only (E) I, II, and III 82. Types of hybridization exhibited by C atoms in hexene include which of the following? (A) sp only (B) sp2 only (C) sp3 only (D) sp and sp2 only (E) sp2 and sp3 only 83. Types of hybridization exhibited by C atoms in butyne include which of the following? I. sp II. sp2 III. sp3 (A) I only (B) II only (C) III only (D) I and III only (E) I, II, and III 84. There is a progressive decrease in the bond angle in the series of molecules CCl4, PCl3, and H2O.

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