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Confidence is helping us to guide a contented existence and accomplish our objectives, and but occasionally it is all too effortless to lack religion in ourselves. This e-book of easy, easy-to-follow assistance offers you the instruments and strategies had to shake off your concerns with a favorable, can-do perspective and develop your self belief in daily life.

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When a colleague is feeling stressed you can unconsciously absorb their feelings of negativity. To avoid this, if a colleague is talking about work or personal problems, try to say something positive about the subject or offer them some advice. If they carry on, perhaps go to make a hot drink, or, if you cannot walk away, make sure you stay positive and try your best not to adopt your colleague's mindset. It takes faith to challenge a colleague's negativity, so as well as reducing stress, this can boost your confidence by showing you that you are capable of taking up such a challenge.

Having a caffeinated drink can make us feel more alert because it induces the initial stages of the stress reaction, boosting cortisol production. Consuming large quantities of caffeine, however, can cause the exhaustion phase of stress and lead to anxiety, which can have a very negative impact on confidence levels. Added to this, caffeine can be very addictive and stopping suddenly can cause withdrawal symptoms, which can make you feel physically unwell and emotionally under pressure – not a good combination for confidence.

While you are working on building your confidence, take this mental image with you and see it as something to look forward to. 4 Where are you confident? An important question to ask yourself is, where do you feel most and least confident? This is not just a question of location – although for some people certain places bolster their confidence or make them feel worse – it is more about the areas of your life you feel are at polar opposites where your confidence is concerned. Someone may, for example, feel that they have raised their family well, and be confident as a parent, whilst lacking in confidence when it comes to work.

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